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Identity Design

Brand Applications

Solūt is not your typical IT company, their business is built on forming genuine and lasting business partnerships with their clients. They came to us seeking a rebrand that captured this persona of uncomplicated, unpretentious tech service. 


In the mark created for them, the clean geometry and light stroke weight of the font immediately develops a modern and balanced persona. Within the letterforms themselves there is a great deal of whitespace, reinforcing key pillars of the brand's culture: transparency and trustworthiness.


Little moments of connection are created in the "O" and in the accent over the "Ū." This speaks to the company’s commitment to genuine care, support, and collaboration — a key differentiating factor within their industry. A subtle smiley face wearing glasses is created with the "Ū" that adds to the overall friendly and approachable feel of the brand. 


The colour palette is bold and optimistic; the primary iteration of the logo uses a gradient to symbolize a flow of information and technology. Traditional tech colours of navy and teal are paired with a very energetic lilac purple which will help differentiate the brand from the sea of blue-branded IT companies currently in the market and prevent the brand from skewing too masculine or aggressive which was a key concern of the clients. 

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Artboard 17.png
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